Natalie & Andi

Hi Karen,

We got home from Rhodes thank you, we both had the holiday blues when we arrived back but focused on our UK reception which was the 10th September, so was about 3 weeks away. Had a wonderful time at that also, was so lovely to see all our family and friends and knowing they were all there to support us was fab.

We can not thank you enough on the service we got from every one at Lindos Weddings;) It was made absolutely perfect and couldn’t fault anything about it, not one thing!! That day was for us and it was above our expectations. One thing I worried about with the heat was my makeup running, or me going very shiny in the face and ruining all our photographs, but even that was taken care of and we were given time to dab ourselves down and have a breather. I've got to say at the UK reception I was baking in my dress and really have no clue how I managed that day, I think the nerves and worrying about how everything would turn out kept my mind off most of it…….luckily haha!!

We would both like to say a BIG thank you to Karen Laurence and the rest of Lindos Wedding team for arranging the most memorable day of our lives so far. It was absolutely perfect, couldn’t have asked for anything more as everything was taken care of!! You guys are all stars, you may do wedding planning all the time but you make us feel more like friends and like you haven't got anyone else to look after but us. It is such a personal service and as long as that doesn’t change, whoever chooses to have you as their Wedding Planners will have a wonderful wonderful wedding day.

For many years to come I will recommend you lovely people. Thank you again for everything.

Big hugs and lots of luck for future weddings – The new Mr and Mrs Patterson xxxx

Thank you again,

Natalie and Andi – Mr and Mrs Patterson xx